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Blue Trading has been focused in the collection of used empty inkjet and toner printer cartridges, providing an environmentally and responsible way of recycling. Since our inception in 2006, we have continued to grow our collection programs throughout the United States and buying and selling worldwide. We operate from our 30,000 square foot facility in Miami, Florida where we inspect over 150,000 cartridges per month. We tailored our warehouse layout so we can handle high volumes of cartridges efficiently. Our full time inspection team is trained to follow a strict inspection process using customized systems and applications, in order to offer the best possible results for our business partners. Customers can rely on high quality empty cartridges and vendors can count on very competitive pricing and getting paid on time.

Our collection programs work with schools, companies and nonprofit organizations to help generate funds by collecting to recycle used cell phones, used empty inkjet and toner cartridges and unused toner and inkjets. All items collected get inspected and sorted. We implement best business practices to help the environment by reducing the amount of non-biodegradable waste into the landfills while providing an income generating and environmentally accountable recycling solution for our community. For your collection program: Blue Trading has the experience and skill to manage the unique needs of your empty printer cartridges collection program. Receiving of materials: Our layout was designed with the specific purpose of receiving and processing shipments of cartridges in small and large volumes. Every shipment received, undergoes the same stringent inspection process. Pricing: Our buy back pricing is updated contingent upon market conditions every 3-6 weeks. Buy back pricing is subject to change during the year without notice. We make our best effort, to keep our business partners informed in a timely manner with relevant information about market tendencies. Buy Back pricing is for domestically collected cartridges only. 

Blue Trading focus its purchase to genuine (OEM) used virgin empty printer cartridges (inkjets and toners); and some selected non virgin empty printer cartridges. We will not pay for any virgin starter or introductory versions, including and not limited to aftermarket cartridges such as compatibles, cloned, knockoffs, and replacements versions of toners or inkjets. Reporting and Inspection: Orders are received and identified, then placed in the streamline to be inspected. Our receiving department will email a notification upon the receipt of the order. Once the order is processed and completed, the system issues an Order Receipt (Inspection Report) with the details of the items inspected. This Order Receipt is the final confirmation for the order to get paid. Downstream: All cartridges rejected by our inspection process are sent to a downstream facility in the US, where they are de-manufactured and all their parts recycled, providing an environmental friendly end of life 

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