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Inspection Guidelines

At Blue Trading we strive to supply High Quality Production Ready Empties, but bearing in mind that quality over quantity is the primary objective, and due to the nature of the product, there will always be a small difference of what is expected against the reality of what can be provided. Therefore we have outlined some of the most common inspection criteria’s in order to give our business partners some information available, in order to develop and grow into the future. Everything starts with the empty printer cartridge. It is not waste and it plays a central part in the remanufacturing process. However, since the quality of these empties may vary to a large extent, a huge emphasis is given to a pre-sorting and visual inspection processes. All cartridges are sorted by type, model and quality, before they come to the final inspection stage. During the final stage, the cartridges have to pass a stringent multi point inspection process, in order to be qualified as a Production Ready Empty. Cartridges that are damaged or not suitable to be remanufactured are sent to a downstream facility in the US for recycling, where they are de-manufactured and all their parts recycled, providing an environmental friendly end of life solution. For more information please refer to our Packaging, Shipping and Inspection Guidelines.

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